3 Piece

Following Covid-19, weddings will become a different experience, with less requirement for larger wedding bands. Streetwise Wedding & Party Band offer a superb 3-piece option to suit the new norm of smaller weddings. This option features members from the full Streetwise lineup, based on the style and theme of your wedding. Our Band Leader Kenneth will be happy to advise on what will best suit your wedding.

4 or More

Streetwise Wedding & Party Band also offer a 4-piece band for those slightly bigger venues, where you want to experience more of the "big band" feel for a mid size crowd. If you are holding your wedding in a full size venue, you may prefer the original 5-piece band that is famous for filling dance floors for many years. Again our Band Leader Kenneth will be happy to advise through a personal consultation.


Every wedding is unique and Streetwise Wedding & Party Band is also unique, with a music setlist tailored to your guests from across many decades and genres. Our covers range from Sinatra's swing classics to modern day contemporary floor fillers. We can cater for set dancers or Irish country jives & waltzes. Many bands fail when it comes to changing the set list on the night to suit any requests... but not Streetwise!


Athenry Rd, Tuam, Co Galway

Kenneth Doyle

Email: mkfdoyle55@gmail.com
Phone: (087) 9573989
"This band felt like part of the family at our wedding. Floor packed all night and an electric atmosphere... just like Irish weddings used to be"    
Sandra & Clive O'Rourke
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